This course offers a proven (and uber-low risk) process for building a product or service that people actually want and need, even if you don't know what you're passionate about. Make money on the side, before you have to quit whatever full-time job or project you’re working on.


"The first dollar changes everything..."


* A 60-minute in-depth workshop on the full First $1,000 Framework

* 30 minutes of additional recorded question and answer session

* Fully-detailed 130+ item product creation and $154,000 launch checklist

* In-depth report on the 3-step process for becoming a trusted (& highly paid) expert.

* The 3 best tools & exercises for discovering your passion & the value you’ll deliver to others

* Exact emails, scripts and surveys we’ve used to test a market and be certain of having customers long before building anything

* An action plan to get results

* Case studies and behind-the-scenes breakdowns of products, launches and psychology 


 Just some of the great material you'll get when you sign up.


Figure out what you have to offer that people would be happy to pay you for.


Get set up on the best online tools, communities and platforms for building your track record and credibility. 


The 3-step process for building credibility and becoming a perceived (and practical) expert in your field.


All laid out in a simple and clear process that won’t be a huge time investment, so you can actually follow through and implement!



How to describe and position yourself in a way that makes people want to buy.


How to do simple and effective market and customer research and the exact tools, scripts and surveys you'll need.


Make failure impossible by turning the standard product development process on its head. 


A 7-page, 130-point product launch checklist that lead to a 6-day $154,000 launch – includes every detailed step and the logic behind it.


Every course we offer comes with a full results-backed guarantee. With this workshop, since we’re talking about real numbers and dollars, it’s quite simple…

We guarantee that you’ll make your first dollar in the first month and your first $1,000 in the first three months of rigorously putting to work every step of the framework we cover in the workshop. If you don’t get those results, the workshop is free – we’ll give you your money back and you can keep the course.

Past Students: Leah & Naz 

“This year we both left our corporate jobs where we were earning in excess of $160,000 combined. We now run our own business where we help people everyday bring meaning to their lives through live events, speaking, writing and coaching. We are tracking to turn over our first million dollars."


1. What if I don't know my passion?

No problem. we’ll share our three best exercises and techniques for passion discovery. Plus, the Make Your First $1k Framework covered in the workshop serves as a powerful passion discovery tool on its own. We’ve got you covered!

2. Who’s this for? What if I have a full-time job?

This is for anyone who wants to make their first $1k from their passions and talents and begin to build an income around doing work you actually care about. It's about helping others with your skills and making your own difference in the world. The course is designed to be done on the side, while you’re still at a current full-time job, so you don’t have to just drop everything and quit before you’ve tested what works. That’s really important.

3. Does this work for products and services, or is it just for doing hourly work as a consultant or coach?

The $1k Framework is product and service agnostic, meaning it applies to products (digital and physical) and services alike. We're teaching you how to fish. Then you get to decide what you want to catch.

On that point, we have found that one of the fastest ways to test an idea and begin making money is through offering a service to others, and then this knowledge can be used to create a more scalable product that you’re sure people want and need. But again, there’s a lot of ways to go about it. Our case studies will cover online and physical products as well as services. Our goal is to get you testing and making money from your talents and skills as fast as possible. If you do the work, we’ll get you there. And you’ll make your first $1,000.

4. What if I’ve already made $1,000 (or a lot more) from my passions and talents – will this still help?

First off, congrats! And yes it will. The Framework is something to be applied to everything you create so that you minimize the risk of failure and maximize the odds that you’ll create something that will massively help your audience, and of course make you good money. Apply this to what you already know and it will likely save you a ton of time, and make you a lot more, all while helping more people. Win/Win/Win!